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Jake and I are excited to be starting our first blog. We decided to create this blog to help keep everyone updated on what's new with Meredith Photography. By frequently posting new photos of our latest shoots, you all can know what we are up to, see our most recent work, and just stay better connected!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Congratulations Ben & Debi!

Last Thursday (17th) I had the pleasure of photographing Ben and Debi's wedding at the Salt Lake Temple, followed by a reception at the NorthHampton House in American Fork. The day was bright and sunny, but beautiful, as was the bride! It was particularly fun for me, because my husband got to assist me on this wedding. I always love shooting weddings with him as my assistant!

To see more of their wedding, click here

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Bridals for Debi

Not too long ago I had the pleasure of taking engagments of Debi and her fiance Ben. Now the time has come for her bridals! We started out with a few in the studio, and then moved outside. Debi looked gorgeous as usual, and despite a few crazy bugs that decided Debi's dress was a great resting place, we had a great time!

Handsome Jackson

Introducing my newest nephew Jackson! Luckily, Jackson and his parents got to visit us from Texas for a few weeks, and we had so much fun while they were here. Part of the fun was taking these pictures of Jackson and actually capturing some good smiles of him on camera (a feat that had yet alluded his mommy). But, with his aunt (me), mommy, and grandma all making faces at him, all at the same time, how could he resist?

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

The cutest kids in the universe!

Okay, okay, so I may be a little biased, since these are my nieces and nephew. However, I don't think there is anyone that would disagree that they are darn cute. And, since not ALL my nieces and nephews are pictured, I can't say that these are the only bunch of cutest kids in the universe. They are a few of them though... Lucky for me, I have them at my disposal for models any time.

The adorable Jackson & Emily!

I had a lot of fun with these two cousins! Emily was quite the explorer and was interested in everything in the studio except keeping still and keeping hats on. Jackson was good at staying put, but we never got the good smiles out of him until we let him strip down to his diaper. Then the smiles wouldn't stop! We had a great time.
Just two of the many faces Jackson and Emily loved to pull!