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Jake and I are excited to be starting our first blog. We decided to create this blog to help keep everyone updated on what's new with Meredith Photography. By frequently posting new photos of our latest shoots, you all can know what we are up to, see our most recent work, and just stay better connected!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Another newborn

Isn't this little guy sweet? I photographed his mommy and daddy's wedding over a year ago, so it was fun to meet their newest little addition!

Dad's a baseball player so we had to get one with his mitt.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Gobble Gobble Turkey Land

Several years back some friends and I went to a resthome to sing to the elderly folks there. It was around the holidays and so we sang a few christmas carols, and then asked if anyone had any requests. A woman in the back shouted "Gobble Gobble Turkey Land!" It still makes me laugh whenever I think about it. Mostly because I would really like to hear this song if it exists. Anyone ever heard of it? If so, please share. It would be a fabulous one to sing tomorrow.

I hope you all have a fabulous thanksgiving and are able to share it with loved ones! Isn't it fabulous that we have a holiday to celebrate being thankful!? I could list 101 things right now that I'm thankful for, but I'll encourage to think of your own right now instead. One thing I will say I'm grateful for is my newest little niece, Norah. Born a month ago and just the sweetest little thing!

Don't you just love that little dimple?

Of course I had to get my snuggles in at the end, so Aly (my sis and mommy to Norah) grabbed the camera and snapped a few.
And one more for my own enjoyment:
Bahahaha! I know I'm a total dork, but I couldn't resist when she posed her hands like this!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

This month is such a special month...

...it's birthday time for me! Hooray! I love all things holiday/birthday whether it's mine or someone elses, so don't mind my excitement!!! I think poor jake secretly (or not so secretly--teehee) dreads my birthday because of how excited I get about it. I think he's scared of letting me down, but he never has! Case in point: I awoke to a fabulous breakfast in bed this morning, followed by him doing the dishes, cleaning the kitchen, AND taking out the trash. As my 2-yr. old niece Ava says, it was "so, so, sweet" (sidenote: Ava's bday was yesterday--woohoo!).

Also, THANK YOU to everyone who has already called, texted, emailed, or actually showed up on my doorstep with a gift in hand (KATIE! I love it! THANK YOU!). Ya'll are the nicest! :)

And now on with the posts. I'm behind as usual, and have SEVERAL family/newborn/wedding sessions to post, but I'll just post this one for now. Meet my fabulous friend Kristyn and her husband Kevin. I think these two should start modeling for real. Don't you?

If you look close you can see our dead little "christmas tree" that we found on the left. If only we had brought along some ornaments!

Kevin's friend showed up with his big dog, so we threw him in the mix for a few ("him" being the dog in this case. But below this next pic you can see the friend!). Unfortunately the dog (what was his name Kristyn?) decided to pee right on Kevin's leg/shoe. You can see Kevin watching him warily here:

Check out the deer behind them

When we had pretty much lost our light, we decided to call it good. But not before handing Kevin the camera so he could snap a few of me and Kristyn together (since we rarely are able to get together). Check out these little gems:

hahaha! what am I doing with my face? I look like scary larry.
Nice. Real nice.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Senior session (and I don't mean for people 65+)

Check out Chris. He's gonna be a senior in high school this next year, so of course taking his senior pictures was in order.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


First, thank you so much to all of you fabulous clients who have kept me so busy this year! Bless you! As the holidays are now drawing near, I just wanted to remind you that if you would like your prints/cards/products, etc. in time for Christmas, my ordering deadline is Dec. 4th.

Photographs make fabulous, timeless gifts for one and all, so order now!! And don't forget about your christmas cards! If I have shot a session for you this year, check out the cards we are offering in our card gallery (To access, go to my website, click on Proofing, and use the password "card".

As my early gift to all of you, I am offering 20% off all print/card orders placed before December 1st.

**PLEASE NOTE** To make room for my 2009 clients, all galleries shot before October of this year will be removed from the proofing gallery section after December 31 and will require a re-posting fee of $35 if you wish your gallery to be re-posted. Please place your orders before then if you have not already.

Thank you! I hope you are doing well :)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Denise + Houston 10.11.08


Okay, how much did I love these two? Denise and Houston are a couple not only with great unique style, but also awesome, fun personalities to match. And Denise can seriously work the camera to boot! (Houston, you're not too bad yourself). I had a blast photographing these guys' wedding! We actually shot around the temple the week before because Denise and Houston were getting married super early on their wedding day, and didn't want to have to worry about trying to fit pictures in since they were heading to a ring ceremony and luncheon shortly after. I met up with them there as you can see further down. Enjoy! (Oh, and be sure to check out those shoes. White converse for her, black for him. Loved it!)

Denise bought this awesome umbrella in Europe and brought it along. I love when couples bring along their own props!I love this image.
And now to the ceremony! They had their ceremony/reception at the beautiful Millenial Falls.

Here's a few of Denise getting ready.

Denise and Houston decided to get their ice sculptures carved as Brontosaurus! Isn't that awesome? You can tell by their faces that they thought so.

Jake took this beauty. Here's the bridal party (minus the awesome parents and flowers girls/ring bearer. To see some shots of them, check out the slideshow. I loved those little kids!)

Their dance was one of the coolest/best I've seen. I wished I could have videoed it.
Loved all the details. Especially the cotton candy! What a fabulous idea...

I think the family had a little too much fun decorating the car....
Thanks you two! You guys ROCK!

To view their slideshow, click here.