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Jake and I are excited to be starting our first blog. We decided to create this blog to help keep everyone updated on what's new with Meredith Photography. By frequently posting new photos of our latest shoots, you all can know what we are up to, see our most recent work, and just stay better connected!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Aaron + Kayti Engaged!

Hey guys, remember these two?

Well, they are now officially engaged! I'm so happy that my little bro found a great girl like Kayti. She's awesome and we're excited to add her to our family! It was fun getting to do a real "love" session with these two, rather than one that was just staged for a contest! Here's a few of my favorites

Aaron might hate me for posting this, but I think it's hilarious. It makes me laugh every time I look at it
See, he can smile too

I love this shot. Kayti teases Aaron that he has oragutan arms in it, but I love it just the same.

Love you guys!

Amy + Brad Engaged

I had a great time with Amy and Brad during their engagement session. We had some great light and it's always fun to get to know couples and hear how they met! Amy happens to be the little sister of one of Brad's best friends, so they've known each other for a while now. I'm happy they found eachother (even if it did take them a while to realize it).

Little lens flair!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Brenda + Aaron 4.25.08

Jake and I had such a great time with Brenda and Aaron on their wedding day. They are such an awesome couple and had a beautiful wedding day. There were so many shots that I wanted to post, it was hard narrowing them down. Here are some of my favorites from the temple. To see more from their awesome luncheon, ring ceremony, and reception, watch their slideshow (link is below the photos).

Aaron and his dad and brothers were pretty funny. Here's one of their crazy poses they came up with.
Brenda's little sister was so cute!

I love this shot of them laughing. It makes me laugh when I look at it.

Brenda & Aaron offered these CD's of their favorite tunes to all their guests. I thought it would work well for the ring shot. The coolest part is that the drawing on the CD is based on one of their engagement photos I took of them!
Congrats you two! You guys ROCK.

View their slideshow, click here.

Time to Graduate

I have sooo many sessions to blog, but I'll start with this awesome senior. Bri was so much fun to work with. She has such a bubbly personality, and check out those eyes and smile!

Good luck in your graduation this week and your future ahead of you!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

One nation under God...

As I said in the previous post, Jake and I spent last weekend in Maryland. Jake's never been to the nation's capital before, so--after the wedding on Thursday and Friday--Jake and I headed to downtown D.C. to see the sites.

First, check out the place where we stayed! This studio apartment was amazing and the family who own it were such gracious hosts.

Don't let this happy little photo fool you. I'm reluctant to admit that driving in places I'm not familiar with stresses me out, but since I have a young husband (okay, only a year and half younger, but still not old enough to rent a car!!) I was forced to drive. Luckily we had a GPS!
The Washington Monument

Loved these cute little ducks

Posing with Abe
The White House

Right as this nice stranger snapped this photo of us, the sun came out from behind the clouds. Nice squinty eyes.
We had SO much fun. I can't wait to show you the photos from the wedding!