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Jake and I are excited to be starting our first blog. We decided to create this blog to help keep everyone updated on what's new with Meredith Photography. By frequently posting new photos of our latest shoots, you all can know what we are up to, see our most recent work, and just stay better connected!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Brent & Stephanie 9.27.07

I had the pleasure of photographing the wedding of the awesome Brent and Stephanie a few weeks back. They are such a sweet couple. Jake and I had a really fun time being their photographers! It was hard narrowing down the photos to just a few of my favorites for the blog, so be sure to check out their slideshow too for the rest of the pics (link is at the bottom of the post).

Brent is not really a big smiler for the camera, so Steph would often look to make sure he was. Who knows what she said to him here to make him smile, but I love that she's cracking up too!

I love Steph's blue eyes.
Adorable flower girl
There were so many amazing details at their reception! The cupcakes, candy table (Jake and I had one at our wedding too, so I especially loved that!), the amazing gazebo that they built just in time for their wedding (it was awesome--they did such a great job), tiki torches, etc. Loved it.

Congrats you two!! Thanks for letting us capture it all.

To view their slideshow, click here.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Leaves, Bugs, Ring

I'm neck-deep in work right now, but couldn't resist taking a quick break to post some photos that Jake and I took a few weeks ago. I had done a family session up Hobble Creek Canyon in the most amazing spot, and kept talking to Jake about how we needed to go back there to get some shots of the leaves. So we did. Jake ended up getting off work later than expected so the great light was pretty much gone when we got there, but we decided to see what we could get. After a bit it was getting way too dark (and cold), so we tried for last shot of the two of us, since it seems we are never in pictures together. We sat down at a picnic table, but before we could get any good shots Jake noticed that the table was covered in little green bugs. Consequently, so were we! They were EVERYWHERE. I jumped up and started brushing them off like mad, and Jake, rather than brushing himself off, decided to help me instead. As he was brushing off my back, we suddenly heard a *CLINK* *thud*. Jake's wedding ring had flown off his finger into the leaves! We frantically began searching (well, I was frantic. Jake doesn't get frantic) but it was so dark, we couldn't see a thing. After a fruitless 30 min. we decided we'd have to come back at first light. Next morning we enlisted the help of Jake's mom and brother and after a prayer began our search again. After about a minute, Jake's mom spotted the ring in the leaves! WHEW! I was so sad thinking we might never see it again. I'm so glad she found it!!!

Okay, okay, end of novel. Here are the pics:

I love this shot Jake got:

Loved the way the reflection makes a circle

Right before we realized we were covered in bugs...

Monday, October 15, 2007

The Rockin Walkers

Here's a few shots from a recent family session I did of my friend Kurt's family. I met Kurt through a networking group (Kurt represents Rocky Mountain Printing--check em out), and I had an awesome time with his family during the shoot. The Walkers are definitely a rockin family and did I mention they are "ridiculously good looking" (think Zoolander) as well?

We tried a few times to get Daisy to pose for some shots, but everytime I got close she'd run back to the group. I guess she's a little camera shy.

I have no idea what Kurt was doing behind me to make these guys crack up, but it worked!

I love this shot. I told them they could all be silly for a shot, and this is what I got. Love it.
All in a row...

Friday, October 12, 2007

The lovely Kim

I met Kim at her sister Angie's wedding in August. Now Kim is the one getting married! For Kim's bridal session, we started out behind my studio, then moved up Hobble Creek canyon. Kim was totally up for anything, which included her wading across the creek with mom in tow trying to keep her dress out of the water. The three of us had a great time and I'm looking forward to Kim's reception on the 27th.