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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Carissa + Tyler 08.29.08

It's been a while since we've shot at the Mt. Timpanogos temple, so it was fun to have a wedding there again. Carissa and Tyler are a fantastic couple, and Jake and I had a great time with them, as we knew we would. How do we luck out with all the best brides and grooms?

Love these two that Jake caught. It's SOOO them

Their friends decided to pick Carissa and Tyler up for a shot. It was pretty funny!

Love those details

Isn't this cake fabulous?

To view their slideshow, click here.


Eli and Angela said...

Hey Meredith, great job on the pictures; if I was getting married again, I'd have you do them. =) Anyway, I have to ask, where is the first shot of them taken at? Is that a new feature at that temple? I was married there and I do not recall those doors. Just curious.

Melissa O said...

Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous. As usual. I love it.